Woo Audio has just announced the introduction of their new flagship product: the WA-234 MONO, which supports both speaker and headphone output modes and offers a choice of power tubes. Typical tube amplifiers allow only one specified type of power tube, the 234 MONO provides a tube switching key (TSK) that allows the amplifier to accept either 2A3, 300B, or 45 power tubes, allowing easy customization of sonics. As well, an output switching key (OSK) allows the listener to switch between speaker and headphone output modes. The OSKs also works for cathode and plate outputs for high and low-impedance headphones.

The 234 MONO is a discrete mono block, Class A amplifier with all triode drive and no semi-conductors anywhere in the circuit. A stereo pair comprises twin units with smooth layers of aluminum and stylistic curves, crowned with tubes.

The 234 MONO will be launched at RMAF-2013. Pricing is estimated at $15,000 U.S. / pair. Look for more details at: http://www.wooaudio.com/.


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