Monitor Audio Airstream A100 Wireless Integrated Stereo Amplifier

The Airstream A100 is a wireless integrated amplifier that blends high quality sound with 21st century technology and style. Just connect your favourite pair of speakers and it’ll let you wirelessly stream the music from you Mac or PC, and the latest iOS devices.

Thanks to its fifty watts of powerful Class A/B amplification per channel, it is able to drive a wide range of speakers. Its Class A/B amplifier design is a purely analogue and used by the best high-end audio amplifiers. Whichever source you choose, the A100 will render the sound with astonishing scale, detail and drama.

The breadth of analogue and digital input options available from the A100 provides virtually unlimited system compatibility. It can be used on its own, or as part of an audio/TV based system providing great sound for TV channels and games as well as legacy support for formats such as CD. If smaller speakers are used, add bass punch with a subwoofer connected to the A100′s line outputs.

Following a simple set up with your Wi-Fi network, you’ll be able to navigate the music collection on your Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and stream uncompressed audio to your speakers in any room. Experience Spotify, Beats Music, Songza and YouTube, and use the A100 in multiples to deliver the widest choice of online favorites to any number of rooms within network range. Away from a WiFi router, you can still play to the A100 from your iOS device using AirPlay Direct.

For high-end music streaming, or when music is stored on a network share, PC or NAS drive, the Monitor Audio Airstream App-based controller is an alternative streaming option – download it free from the App Store. The Airstream App turns your i-device into a beautifully simple touch panel, designed to help you find music shared on your network, especially content archived from CD in uncompressed or high-bit rate music file formats such as FLAC.

For music streaming when music is stored on a network share, PC or NAS drive, the Monitor Audio A100 is DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible and even supports content archived from CD in uncompressed or high-bit rate music file formats such as FLAC. Additionally, DLNA compatibility allows any third party DLNA app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile to be used.

Front panel controls and the A100′s slender Remote control unit provide effortless switching between all input sources. A front-mounted USB connection gives you easy access for charging your mobile device and provides Wi-Fi sharing setup feature.

The super-slim A100 is a stunning union of rigid polymer and die-cast aluminium, which looks cool and acts cool as well by doubling as a silent heat sink. Each end of the beautifully curved and compact A100 design is protected by durable toughened glass trims to preserve its designer looks in horizontal or vertical positions. Available in a choice of white or black the A100 will blend with any environment, even when space is at a premium. If you’re already in love with the immediacy and choice of music available on-line, the A100 is the only new hi-fi component you’ll ever need. Yes, it’s genuine hi-fi but more intelligent, intuitive and versatile than ever before.

The Monitor Audio Airstream A100 will be available this May for $549. For more info, please visit

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