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Acoustic Technologies would like to invite CANADA HiFi readers to visit its gorgeous new Audio Boutique in the Rosemont district of Montreal, located at 1970 Beaubien St. East, Montreal, QC, H2G 1M1.

Acoustic Technologies has been serving audio and video enthusiasts since 1999 by offering custom installation services, custom cable assembly as well as repairs of high-end audio and home theater products. Now the company’s new audio boutique allows customers to audition carefully selected audio products, alongside a number of video products.

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Inside its modern retail space, Acoustic Technologies offers exclusive products like Manley Labs components and Nola loudspeakers, as well as its own Solid Rack brand of custom audio/video component racks made from solid maple and ash wood with solid aluminum pillars. Other brands that you will find inside the store include: Meitner Audio, Onix, Acoustic Signature, Cardas, Furutech, Audioquest, Kimber Kable, M2-Tech, Darbee Vision, Marantz, BC Acoustic electronics, Peachtree audio, Grado, Q Acoustics, Plinius, Marten, Funk Firm and more.

The Acoustic Technologies audio boutique is open 6 days a week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday -from 9:30am to 5:30pm; Thursday and Friday 9:30am to 8pm and Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Please visit for more info, or call 514-387-4944.

Acoustic Technologies Audio Boutique
1970 Beaubien St. East
Montreal, QC
H2G 1M1

Acoustic Technologies Audio Boutique  02

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