ELAC Line 400 Loudspeakers - Now At the CANADA HiFi Store!

ELAC_Line 400_Walnut Veneer_High Gloss_20130909_cGW_7D_RGB 8bit_wMirror grayBG PhotoshopArtwork comp6 (Custom)

We are pleased to now offer the ELAC Line 400 loudspeakers for purchase at the CANADA HiFi Shop. This sophisticated German-made speaker series offers extraordinary sound guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning listeners housed in gorgeous, meticulously finished cabinets - available in Gloss Walnut Wood, Gloss Black and Gloss White options.  Perfect for both 2-channel and home theatre applications, the full line consists of four models: the BS 403 bookshelf, the FS 407 and FS 409 floor-standers, and the CC 400 centre channel.  Each of the models features the highly acclaimed JET 5 ribbon tweeter designed for outstanding high frequency reproduction.  A matching subwoofer called the SUB 2070 completes the range.

SPECIAL PROMO: Receive a free “TAVES Limited Edition” Kimber Kable interconnect with any purchase $300 and up (your choice of 0.5m or 1m).  Orders over $1,000 receive two of these “TAVES Limited Edition” Kimber Kable interconnects.  Explore the growing range of audio products today at www.canadahifi.com/shop.  ELAC_Line 400_Black High Gloss (Custom)