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Star Trek DVD/Blu-ray, $24 and up Caig Laboratories DeoxIT Gold Contact Enhancer (G5MS-15, $9.95 US) and Contact Cleaner (D100S-2, $19.95 US)
This holiday season, the Enterprise will set course for millions of home theatres across the planet. JJ Abrams’ Star Trek, released in movie theatres earlier this year, pleased not only long-time fans of the franchise but masses of other movie goers. It’s safe to say that this movie will become one of the top demos for showing off a home theatre’s capabilities. Look for four exclusive editions that come with: o-sleeve package, a steelbook case, packaging that assembles to become the U.S.S. Enterprise disc storage or 4 replica Starfleet division badges. These are some of the best cleaning and contact enhancing products available today, used and endorsed by Boeing, Xerox and db Sound among many others. The Cleaner eliminates oxidization and atmospheric contaminants and the Enhancer improves conductivity and protects metal surfaces. Use on RCA connectors, RCA input/output jacks, speaker cable connectors and binding posts, etc. Highly recommended!
Furutech FP-204(R) Banana Plugs, $25.99 each Clearaudio Clever Clamp, $28
To an audio video enthusiast, getting accessories is like getting jewelry. These Rhodium-plated banana plugs use Furutech’s exclusive a-Alpha Process and are the best plugs I have found to date to put on speaker wires. Each plug holds the wire very securely with not one but two screws. Once the plug is inserted into a speaker terminal, a few twists of the knob secures the plug in place. We use them on all of the speaker cables in our lab! The Clever Clamp provides a simple, yet effective tool to ensure vinyl LPs are clamped to the platter. As a result, it reduces potential slippage and deleterious effects of warpage such as wow and flutter. Simply place on top of the record and you’re ready to go. The Clever Clamp is also easy to remove thanks to its upturned edges. Make that special someone realize improved dynamics and bass response when listening to their valuable vinyl collection!
Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark Blu-ray, $25 US IsoTek Full System Enhancer CD, $32.99 US
Far too many TVs produce a mediocre picture out of the box. To unlock their full potential, you will need a calibration disc such as this one from Spears & Munsil. Unlike other calibration discs which are confusing to use and come with little instruction, this disc should be simple enough for just about anyone to use and comes with detailed instructions. This CD provides a set of sonic algorithms to burn-in new equipment and cables and eliminate magnetic build up in your existing AV system. The disc has three tracks: the first track is designed for bookshelf speaker systems with limited bass response, the second track is designed for full range systems and the third track is a refresher. Reduces burn-in time dramatically and effectively eliminates magnetic build up throughout the system including the drivers in the speakers.
Sonic Fabric Necktie, $90 US Transformers Gift Set Blu-ray, $54.99
Wearing a Walkman around their neck isn’t likely to attract any ladies. But here’s something that just might do the trick! These ties are made from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% coloured thread. And believe it or not, if you run a tape head over the tie, you can actually hear the sound of the tape. Available in three colours: dark brown, light gray and black. Search for “sonic fabric” at The Transformers movies represent pure unadulterated fun while showcasing the benefits of the Blu-ray format. Outstanding film transfers with uncompromised detail and colour combined with phenomenal Dolby TrueHD soundtracks provide a real test for any home theatre system. Both movies packaged together at a great price make for a wonderful stocking stuffer!

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