Wren Sound Systems has just introduced a new Bluetooth speaker – their V5BT. Looking like a late 70′s desktop / clock radio but with contemporary lines, the new V5BT includes the latest in Bluetooth and audio technology. The speaker is available in rosewood and bamboo finishes with the intention of blending into classic and contemporary decor.

The new V5BT has been designed to provide bass response that is beyond its diminutive size and uses dual custom-made long throw 3-inch drivers alongside four-layer voice coils to accomplish this. In addition to the mid-bass drivers, there are also a pair of 19mm soft dome tweeters, which are located on the front baffle to enhance dispersion.

The system has Bluetooth connectivity but also wired connection on the back via 3.5mm standard audio jack. With the intention of absorbing unwanted vibrations – a stabilizing pad is fitted to the bottom of the speaker, opening up placement options.

The new Wren Sound Systems’ V5BTspeaker is currently available in rosewood and will be available by December 10th in bamboo, both at a MSRP of $429 CAD. Look for more details or to purchase this product at: www.wrensound.com.

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