Westone / BBE App To Improve Sound on iPhone


Westone, a company specializing in in-ear monitor products, has just annouced a partner agreement with BBE’s critically acclaimed audio technology – Sonic Maximizer – to develop an iPhone app that will will let users hear digital music on their Apple device with a new dynamic presence, greater clarity and harmonic detail. The Westone/BBE app is available for purchase on iTunes for $2.99. The new app automatically provides professionally calibrated presets for the listener’s Westone earphones or other speaker systems and there is no other special equipment required.

Features on the Westone/BBE app include:

  • Multiple setting adjustments: Lo Contour, BBE Process, iSet, Sound Field, Mach3 Bass, Mach3 Gain, and MP Gain
  • Full music player functionality: Play, Pause, Skip, Repeat, Shuffle
  • Automatically uploads playlists from users iTunes library
  • Displays artist, title, artwork, time
  • 3 additional presets can be fine-tuned and saved to suit users personal taste

For more information, visit http://www.westoneaudio.com/ or http://www.bbesound.com/.