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Tue Feb 15 2011

dB Logic SPL Limiting In-Ear Headphones

“Sorry, could you repeat that?”  If this is a phrase you find yourself repeating often of late, this ingenious product might be a little too late for you.  But, there’s always friends and family…


dB Logic has just announced their new low distortion sound pressure level (SPL) limiting EP-100 earphones.  In today’s world with the growing use of mobile devices comes the more regular use of headphones/earphones and the increased chance of exploring the higher volume levels that these devices can output.  These earphones from dB Logic incorporate their SPL2 technology with the objective of protecting users from long-term hearing damage by regulating volume as needed, while keeping musical content largely unchanged.


The company’s proprietary SPL2 technology limits volume levels using advanced circuitry and eliminates the need for bulky battery-powered processors required by competitive sound pressure limiting products. By maintaining the integrity of the sound, the limiting is virtually transparent to the listener and the audio content does not sound clipped or distorted. 


So if you’re in the market for new earphones or just have got an itch to try something new, you might want to look into the dB Logic EP-100 earphones.  You could be doing your ears some good without sacrificing style: earphones are available in a wide variety of fashionable colors, including Quick Silver, Big Apple Red, Barracuda Blue, Valentine Pink, Shamrock Green, and Tiger Orange.


MSRP: $29.99 U.S.


Look for details at:


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