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Tue Feb 15 2011

Sony HomeShare Wireless Audio System



Sony’s new wireless HomeShare audio system allows users to listen to music from their Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) certified PC and Sony Blu-ray devices throughout the home over Wi-Fi (802.11b/g).


The new HomeShare products include one wireless network speaker (SA-N300) and two Wi-Fi network iPhone docks (NAS-SV20i and NAC-SV10i).  The company also introduced a new Wi-Fi universal remote (RMN-U1) that works with the system.


The HomeShare system frees users’ music from being tied down to a specific device.  The system uses an existing Wi-Fi home network with broadband Internet connection to stream music from a PC or from integrated BRAVIA  Internet music services such as Slacker Internet Radio and vTuner, to each speaker via a compatible Sony Blu-ray Disc player, Blu-ray Disc home theater system or one of the new HomeShare docking devices.


The speakers can play back different music or can all be synced to one source with Sony’s unique PartyStreaming feature.  Also, users can control the system via a PC, Sony’s new Wi-Fi universal remote, or an iPhone, iPod touch, using a free application that can be downloaded from the app stores.


HomeShare Wi-Fi Network Speaker


The SA-NS300 features a compact, 360 degree directional speaker design that delivers room-filling, clear audio without limiting the listening position. With integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), the model wirelessly streams digital music from DLNA enabled PCs or BRAVIA Internet music services from new Sony Blu-ray Disc devices.  The SA-NS300 wireless network speaker will be available in April for about $200.


HomeShare Wi-Fi Network iPhone Dock


Sony’s HomeShare NAS-SV20i speaker dock allows users to play back music directly from BRAVIA Internet music services or from an iPhone, iPod touch, mobile device.  Users can also stream music from the docks to other Sony Wi-Fi network speakers throughout the home.  The NAC-SV10i dock connects to your existing home theatre system and plays back music from the mobile device or streams it to other HomeShare speakers throughout the home.  Both models feature integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) and offer PartyStreaming functionality.   They also feature BRAVIA Internet Video music services built-in, which can be shared with the SA-NS300 network speaker.  The NAS-SV20i and NAC-SV10i will both be available in April for about $350 and $300, respectively.


HomeShare Wi-Fi Network Micro Hi-Fi iPod Dock


Sony’s HomeShare CMT-MX700NI wireless Hi-Fi Micro System plays music from various sources including PC, iPod, iPhone, internet radio, CD, MP3 player, and FM tuner. Stream music with DLNA and built-in Wi-Fi, straight to your network audio system for instant playback.    The HomeShare Hi-Fi Micro System also features superior Hi-Fi sound quality with 100W RMS output and a 2-way speaker system.  The CMT-MX700NI will be available in April for about $350.


HomeShare Wi-Fi Universal Remote Control


Also compatible with the network audio system is Sony’s HomeShare RMN-U1 Wi-Fi universal remote control.  Featuring integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), the touch-screen model controls the network audio products and certain new Sony connected BRAVIA televisions and Blu-ray Disc devices via DLNA and other home theatre components via infrared.  The HomeShare universal remote provides simple activity-based control of home theatre product and the ability to send music through your home network to HomeShare speakers in any room. Users can easily navigate music with jacket art and send songs to specific HomeShare speakers in any room. Simple guided set-up makes activity creation and independent and grouped control of HomeShare Speakers easy with no PC programming required.            The HomeShare RMN-U1 Wi-Fi universal remote will be available in April for about $350.


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