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Tue Feb 8 2011

Aragon Iridium – 400 watt Mono-Amplifier

The Iridium is the new flagship monoblock amplifier in the Aragon series, from Indy Audio Labs, LLC.  The Iridium features Aragon Art Deco love- it or leave-it styling.  Personally, I dig gear with some edge.  The Iridium is a 400-watt monaural amplifier positioned as the successor to the Aragon Palladium.  The Iridium is somewhat green, with a low 1-watt standby consumption, 60 watts at idle and maxing out at 1500 watts.  S/N ratio is specified as 112dB A-weighted, input sensitivity is 60mV for a 1-watt output.  Finish options are black, silver or gunmetal. The Aragon 8008 MkII is the matching 200-watt/channel stereo amplifier, which sits in the same chasis and sells for the same price.


The Iridium and 8008 MkII are currently available at an MSRP of: $3,499 U.S. per unit.


More details are to be found at:



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