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Mon Feb 7 2011

Music Hall Cruise Control – Turntable Speed Controller

Music Hall is a company well known for its audio products.  A new addition to their line-up of products is their Cruise Control.  Whether the name was chosen for its function or the fact that some Music Hall turntables have an automotive tie (painted in authentic Ferrari Red) – is up to you to ponder. 


The Cruise Control is an electronic speed controller that can be used on Music Hall and Project turntables and any turntable with a 120v AC synchronous motor.  It allows the user to adjust speeds between 33.3 and 45rpm via a simple button.  This eliminates the clumsy and perhaps risky process of having to remove the platter and adjust the drive belt position on the motor pulley to effect a speed change.  In addition, the Cruise Control incorporates a quartz-locked precision mechanism to maintain speed stability within ±0.0001% deviation.  And, when used with the appropriate pulley, and cartridge, it also permits the replay of 78rpm records. The speed can also be increased and decreased in 20 steps of 0.1rpm for tailoring speed to personal preferences or perhaps mood – perfect for slowing down things even more, when in a Barry White mood. 


The Cruise Control is currently available at an MSRP of: $299 U.S.


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