Trends Audio has just released their new mini-sized TA-10.2 Class T stereo amplifier with 2 x 15 watt output capability. Using Tripath’s proprietary Class-T Digital Power Processing (TM) technology and special circuit design and component selection Trends claims it has been able to achieve high-end hi-fi quality in the very affordable Trends TA-10.2 stereo amplifier.

The Trends TA-10.2 has been designed to produce a very Class-AB like sound with high fidelity and warmth, while having the efficiency and physical size of typical Class-D amplifier designs. Though the new TA-10.2 has only a maximum output power of 2 x 15 watts, it is capable of running even floor-standing speakers with good control of bass.

– applied the proprietary T-amp technology for audiophile quality sound, low power consumption (hi-efficiency 90%) and low heat generation
– compact design (mini-size & light weight), easy setup & portable
– provide up to 2x15W output (sufficient for room of 200-300 sq.ft [20-30 sq.m])
– a specially designed AC power adaptor for Hi-Fi device is bundled for continuous power supply (need not to change batteries) and low ripple & noise.
– separated amp unit & power adaptor design to minimize interference and flexible to apply other power sources, e.g. lead-acid battery;
– built-in over-current protection;
– built-in over-temperation protection;
– all audiophile-graded parts and components;
– high quality red double-sided PCB;
– original Tripath TA-2024 chip;
– all small non-polar capacitors are Thomson & EVOX film caps;
– input coupling capacitors are unique Trends MKP x 2 (Matched);
– power filtering electrolyte capacitors are hi-speed Rubycon MCZ series x 2;
– hand-crafted air-core inductor x4 applied (better sound than magnetic-core but much higher cost);
– standard gold-plated audio and speaker sockets, compatible with most audiophile cables;
– DC bias voltage between speaker terminals can be offset (pre-tuned) by small potentiometers. It suppresses the “pop” sound when power on/off and also increase the sound purity;
– the stylish aluminium case provides outstanding shielding & grounding capability;
– two years Limited Warranty.

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