Sound Momentum Acoustic Wood Diffusers

Sound Momentum Acoustic Wood Diffusers (Custom)

Most music listeners don’t realize that the sound you hear from an audio system, or a live performance, is highly dependent on the acoustic properties of the space itself. In a home setting, a portion of the sound produced by speakers arrives directly at your ears, but some of the sound radiates from the speakers and reflects from various surfaces (like walls and furniture) and arrives at your ears a tiny bit later. This reflected sound is what causes distortion in the music that reaches your ears.

New Canadian manufacturer Sound Momentum has developed a unique solution, in a stylish package to eliminate this problem. The Sound Momentum Acoustic Wood Diffusers are made in Montreal out of real wood and will significantly improve the sound quality of the music system in your room. What makes these panels unique is that they can be positioned very close to the listening position – for example on the back wall, right behind you couch, something that other acoustic diffusers don’t permit.

Pricing starts at $460 for 22″ x 22″ panel. For more info, please visit

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