Hegel HD25 DAC

Hegel Music Systems of Norway has announced the release of their new top tier DAC – the HD25. The HD25 incorporates features of Hegel’s existing DAC products, including the HD11 and HD20 and the DAC within their H300 integrated amplifier but also introduces some other unique features.

The new HD25 will use a AKM 4399 32bit dac chip with asynchronous USB input. The HD25 will feature: 24/96 plug’n’play and 24/192 with the use of a 3rd-party software driver. Resolution will be selectable with a rear-mounted switch. The HD25 also will provide multiple digital filters that can be selected with the supplied remote control. The USB inputs are galvanically shielded and low-noise silicon-germanium transistors are utilized. Attenuation is all analog to avoid any loss of resolution and with the HD25 comes improved re-clocking for increased accuracy.

Release date for the HD25 is by the end of November 2012. The Eurpoean MSRP will be: €2000, with a United States MSRP of $2500. Look for more details at: www.hegel.com.