Living in a multicultural country like Canada, we have access to products from around the world including DVDs. Unfortunately most DVD players sold in Canada are unable to play DVDs from other parts of the world. For copyright and distribution reasons every DVD is encoded for operation within a specific geographical region (there are seven regions). Typically a movie that is released in North America usually does not get released in other parts of the world until several months later. In North America the same movie comes out on DVD before it makes it to theaters in other parts of the world. Because of region encoded DVDs, a person from North America can’t send a DVD to their friend overseas before it comes out in the theater. This is great for movie studio executives because it makes them more money but not so great for the rest of us. Fortunately there are hackers. Many North American DVD players can be easily hacked by entering a secret button combination on the remote controller. Entering this secret code will allow your DVD player to play all seven regions. Unfortunately not all DVD players can be hacked by this method. Check out the website below. It has hacks for over 2700 different DVD players. Another alternative is to buy an already hacked or imported multi-region DVD player. A good selection of these players can be found at Pacific Mall in Markham. Now you can enjoy DVDs from around the world.

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