Energy, a Klipsch Group, Inc. brand, has just announced the launch of its Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 subwoofers. Aligning with the brand’s Energy Power entry-level speakers currently in stores, these subwoofers accommodate an array of audio needs and bass performance preferences.

Engineered to both simplify and enhance the home theater experience, the Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 subwoofers allow listeners to not only hear, but also feel, extreme bass output. Available in a subtle, black matte vinyl finish, the modern-in-appearance subwoofers seamlessly integrate with any aesthetic.

Engineered as front-firing subwoofers, the Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 deliver big bass from a smaller design, complimenting today’s small speaker/satellite systems. Unlike many subwoofers in the same price range, they use advanced electronic circuitry that prevents the drivers from unpleasant, over excursion with the high output bass transient material that is common in current 5.1 movie soundtracks. Featuring both line in and speaker level terminals, they can be utilized in surround or two-channel music systems. Because of their rear-mounted slotports, the subwoofers produce enhanced yet efficient low-end response, resulting in extra rigidity for the MDF cabinet and overall reduction of unwanted resonance for clean output.

The Energy Power 10 subwoofer features a 10-inch, front-firing woofer that is responsible for 100 watts of power, while the Energy Power 12 subwoofer includes a 12-inch, front-firing woofer that produces 150 watts of power.

The Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 subwoofers retail for $199 and $299 (US) respectively and will be available in July 2012.

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