Intempo PG-01

Enjoy interference-free crystal-clear digital sound from Intempo’s PG-01 DAB digital radio. The soft curves and retro looks of this radio are guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention. The face of the PG-01 sports a pale blue LCD screen that displays the name of the station currently playing and may show program information, including the song currently playing or news headlines, depending on the radio station. Switching between FM and DAB signals is done at the touch of a button. Store eight of your favorite stations on the preset buttons (4 FM stations and 4 DAB stations). The radio also features an alarm clock with sleep mode.

Perstel DR101

Claimed to be the world’s smallest DAB radio, the Perstel DR101 measures a mere 60 x 84 x 22 mm – roughly the size of your credit card, but not as thin. Listen to your favorite DAB and FM stations and get all your song info and more on its four line back-lit full-graphic LCD screen. Its sleek brushed-silver casing has a simple, user-friendly design with few buttons and a headphone jack. The DR101 features preset, manual and auto tuning to fulfill your needs. Two AA batteries provide it with enough juice to run for approximately 8 hours.

Perstel DR201

A step up from the above unit, Perstel’s DR201 is a DAB radio that lets you listen to FM radio and also play your favorite MP3 and WMA files. Roughly the same size as the DR101, this mini-radio will be available with 32, 64 and 128 MB internal flash memory. A USB port allows you to transfer your computer files to the unit’s memory. The same type of screen as in the DR101 provides you with all the necessary song/track information and displays other DAB information such as news headlines. Powered by 2 AA batteries you can listen to it for up to 8 hours.

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