Astell&Kern has just announced the release of their new AK100 Mark 2 and Limited Edition AK120 Titan. These two new high-resolution audio players join the ranks of Astell&Kern’s other existing models, which now includes:

AK120 Titan (MSRP $1,499 U.S. ): A new limited edition (limited time offering) version of the AK120 player, which has the same specifications as the current AK120, but features a scratch-resistant, 5-layer hardened anodized coating that gives the AK120 Titan the look of silver/titanium. The new AK120 Titan doubles the amount of internal memory of the AK120, providing 128GB of internal memory with the option to add up to two 64GB microSD cards – raising storage to 256GB.

AK100 Mark 2 (MSRP $799 U.S. ): The AK100 Mark 2 contains all of the same features as the current AK100 but has a lower output impedance of 3 ohms that allows it to drive a greater range of headphones with more efficiency. The AK100 Mark 2 also includes a premium 100% genuine Italian leather case made by Buttero ($50 value).

AK120 (MSRP $1,299 U.S. ): The top-selling Astell&Kern portable player contains dual Wolfson WM8740 DACs, for true Dual-Mono setup that results in greater channel separation, broader dynamic range and a wider soundstage. The AK120 features 64GB internal memory, with two microSD card slots that support 64GB microSD cards for a total of 192GB of music storage. With a output impedance of 3 ohms it is able to drive a wide array of headphones. A premium 100% Italian leather case by Buttero ($50 value) is included.

AK100 (MSRP $699 U.S.): The AK100 features 32GB of internal memory, two microSD card slots that each support 32GB microSD cards for a total of 96GB of music storage. The AK100 features a single Wolfson WM8740 DAC and output impedance of 22 ohms and provides up to 16 hours of music playback.

All Astell&Kern portable players support 24-bit/192khz high resolution digital audio files, DSD and the most popular Apple lossless formats, as well as lossy music formats. The players also have the capability of being used as a standalone external DAC, as they have optical inputs and micro-USB jacks.

The AK100, AK100 Mark 2, and the AK120 are currently available. Look for more information at:

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