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Amphion Ion+ Loudspeaker

April 30th, 2012, In Home, by

Amphion Ion plus

Amphion Loudspeakers is a Finland based audio product company. Their loudspeaker designs take a 3-in-1 approach, including what they claim to be: perfect nearfield performance; wide and even listening area and; multiroom-filing live-like sound. Amphion has reportedly developed a new Ion speaker product, the Ion+ speaker. The Ion+ is a 2-way bookshelf monitor that has … Continue Reading


NHK / Panasonic 145” 8K Plasma TV

April 30th, 2012, In Home, by

Panasonic 145inch 8K TV

Japanese broadcaster NHK has been working with Panasonic to develop a 145-inch 8K plasma TV display, which has just been unveiled as an example of the kind of displays being worked on for the future. This is the world’s first self-illuminating Super Hi-Vision TV. It provides a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 / 8K. Larger … Continue Reading

Bits & Bytes – Digital Music Demystified. An Introduction to Digital Music Playback

m_82_pf_open_white 048

In the beginning, there was only live music. By 1877 Thomas Edison recorded a vocal rendition of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on his phonograph and in time came analogue recordings on vinyl and tape. Today, we live in a digital world and though the last few years have shown a small resurgence of music … Continue Reading

Gato Audio CDD-1 CD Player ⁄ DAC

April 27th, 2012, In Home, by

Gato Audio CDD-1

Gato Audio has just announced that their CDD-1 CD player and D/A converter has now been delivered to their distributors and dealers. Gato Audio will be present at the High End Audio Show in Munich, Germany from 3-6th of May 2012. The CDD-1 allows direct connection of other source player devices through its asynchronous USB … Continue Reading

Denon DHT-1513BA Home Theatre System

April 26th, 2012, In Home, by

Denon HT System

Denon Electronics has just announced the availability of their new DHT-1513BA Home Theater System, which is purported to be a powerful yet compact solution that combines an advanced Denon A/V receiver and amplifier with six acoustically matched Boston Acoustics loudspeakers. Denon’s DHT-1513BA system features a slimmer, vibration-resistant chassis design twenty percent smaller than previous Denon … Continue Reading

Denon 2012 AVR Lineup

April 26th, 2012, In Home, by

Denon 2012 AVR

Denon Electronics, has just announced their new core line of audio/video receivers (AVRs) for 2012. This lineup of AVRs includes the 7.1-channel AVR-1913 as well as the 5.1-channel AVR-1713, AVR-1613 and AVR-1513. The AVR-1913, AVR-1713 and AVR-1613 feature Apple’s AirPlay, allowing users to customize soundtracks for their home by unleashing their iTunes music libraries through … Continue Reading

ELAC FS 247 Loudspeaker Review

ELAC FS 247 Loudspeakers

When you think of Germany, you may think of marzipan, fine chocolates or perhaps luxury sports automobiles. Yes, all these top-quality products are made in Germany but this list would not be complete without adding hi-end audio products, including loudspeakers. German hi-end audio product companies include such names as Burmester, MBL, Audio Physic and Canton … Continue Reading

Sony BDP-S790 4K Blu-ray Player

April 25th, 2012, In Home, by

Sony 4K Blu-ray

Sony has announced that their much anticipated all-new BDP-S790 Blu-ray Disc player is available for consumer pre-order, as of Apr. 22, 2012. Besides playing Blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD, the new BDP-S790 is a WiFi enabled device that supports digital services from Sony Entertainment Network and a variety of other providers. The BDP-S790 also has … Continue Reading

NAD C 375DAC & C 356DAC Integrated Amps

April 25th, 2012, In Home, by


NAD Electronics has announced availability of their new C 375DAC and C 356DAC. These two new integrated amplifier models offer the company’s existing C 375BEE and C 356BEE with the plus of having NAD MDC DACs factory installed. The NAD’s asynchronous 24/96 USB MDC DAC, incorporated within the NAD C 375BEE or C 356BEE (rated … Continue Reading

Pioneer SE-MJ591 & SE-NC21M Headphones

April 24th, 2012, In Home, by

Pioneer Headphones

Pioneer Electronics has just added two new on-ear headband headphones to it’s stable of products – their flagship SE-MJ591 audiophile headphone and their SE-NC21M noise cancelling headphone. The SE-MJ591 audiophile-grade headphone is designed for highly accurate sound reproduction across the entire spectrum, utilizing newly designed 40mm drivers and an on-ear design. The SE-MJ591 features high-quality … Continue Reading

JVC Kenwood To Convert Premiere Catalog Titles to Blu-ray 3D for Home

April 23rd, 2012, In Home, by

JVC Kenwood To Convert Premiere Catalog Titles to Blu-ray 3D for Home

JVC KENWOOD and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment recently announced that I, Robot, the successful science-fiction action film, will be the first title in a series of legacy movies being converted to Blu-ray 3D for the home market. JVC KENWOOD has developed a new 2D3D conversion process that will convert movies to Blu-ray 3D. Futuresource … Continue Reading

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 710HD Projector

April 23rd, 2012, In Home, by

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 710HD Projector

Epson has just expanded its line-up of home theatre projectors with the addition of the new entry-level PowerLite Home Cinema 710HD priced at just $649 US. The Home Cinema 710HD delivers 720p high-definition resolution, making it easier than ever to enjoy movies, games and sporting events at up to 120-inches or larger. Designed to make … Continue Reading

Antelope Audio Rubicon – World’s First Atomic AD/DA Preamp

April 19th, 2012, In Home, by

Antelope Audio Rubicon

Antelope Audio will introduce the Rubicon, a groundbreaking 384 kHz digital audio preamplifier which integrates the world renowned 10M Rubidium atomic clock during the Munich High End Show, May 3rd – 6th. Rubicon caters for the ever-increasing interest in high resolution audio, addressing the specific needs of high end consumer electronics enthusiasts … Continue Reading

iHome SmartDesign Line for Android

April 19th, 2012, In Home, by

iHome iC50_HR

iHome has just announced an all-new SmartDesign product line that caters to Android device owners. iHome’s SmartDesign Android line includes a number of models, from speakers to alarm clocks and apps, all at affordable prices. The first products in the new SmartDesign line to be released, are as follows: iC50 Space Saver FM Stereo Alarm Continue Reading

Apertura Audio Enigma Loudspeaker

April 18th, 2012, In Home, by

Apertura Enigma

Apertura Audio, a French company with 25 years of experience in high-end audio, has just released their new flagship speaker model – the Enigma. The new Apertura Enigma floorstanding loudspeaker will be shown for the first time at the upcoming Munich High End show. The Enigma is a 2-way, 3-driver floorstander, using two 8″ isotactic … Continue Reading

Braven Six Series Bluetooth Speakers

April 18th, 2012, In Home, by


BRAVEN, formerly SPAR, has just launched their new website and what they position as “the world’s first multi-tasking high-definition Bluetooth speakers with integrated smartphone charger and speakerphone”. The models make up the new Braven Six Series: the 625; 600 and 650. The Braven Six Series speakers have two custom extended-range drivers and a rated 3 … Continue Reading

Focal Spirit One Headphones

April 17th, 2012, In Home, by

Focal Spirit_one_with_cable_front

Focal has just expanded its family of products with the introduction of the company’s very first high fidelity headphones. The first model of this new family, the Spirit One, is a closed type headphone, light and highly accessorized. With its sleek and luxurious design, its performance honoring all the brand standards, the Spirit One is … Continue Reading

Esoteric K-07 SACD Player

April 16th, 2012, In Home, by

Esoteric K-07

Esoteric has just released a new SACD player – their K-07. The K-07 has been designed to provide playback without exaggeration and satisfy the highest criteria of music lovers. Features include “VOSP” Super Audio CD transport mechanism, a 32-bit dual mono D/A converter combining multiple DAC circuits, high sampling rate digital inputs and USB input … Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablets and Galaxy Players

April 16th, 2012, In Home, by

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung has just revealed the availability and pricing of its Galaxy Tab 2 tablets and Galaxy Players for the US market. The Galaxy Tab 2 Series, available in both 10.1″ and 7.0″ screen sizes, are powerful dual-core tablets running the latest version of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich. The devices feature an integrated IR blaster … Continue Reading

Pioneer HDJ-1500 DJ Headphones

April 12th, 2012, In Home, by

Pioneeer HDJ-1500

Pioneer Electronics has just introduced their new HDJ-1500 professional DJ headphones. Pioneer has indicated that the HDJ-1500 headphones utilize high quality components, large drivers, high quality construction and a new sound isolation technology. The HDJ-1500 headphones are slated to deliver balanced frequency sound, utilizing 50mm drivers, copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW) voice coils, rare-earth magnets and … Continue Reading

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