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BG Radia FS-420 Loudspeaker

August 31st, 2011, In Home, by

BG Radia FS-420

BG Radia has just recently announced their new FS-420 loudspeaker. This new speaker is a floor standing planar ribbon loudspeaker. In fact, the three planar ribbon drivers operate as dipoles with their radiating area completely open. The FS-240 was designed to reveal subtleties even in very complex music and soundtracks. BG Radia claims that the … Continue Reading


Sonic Boom Music/Record Store Moves to New Location and Opens Second Store

August 31st, 2011, In Home, by

sonic boom

Sonic Boom, one of Canada’s largest independent retailers of CDs, vinyl, movies, video games and accessories, has moved to a new location in Toronto, just steps away from its original spot. The company has also opened a second Kensington Market location which focuses exclusively on vinyl. Sonic Boom has long been one of CANADA HiFi’s … Continue Reading

Autonomic MMS-2 Media Server

August 31st, 2011, In Home, by

Autonomic MMS-2

Autonomic has announced that the Mirage Media Server MMS-2 has now been redesigned and is available in a more compact and svelte form, with a faster processor and both Toslink and HDMI outputs. The MMS-2 targets consumers that are looking for multi-room distribution of media, while having global access to their audio collections via cloud … Continue Reading

Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin Air App

August 30th, 2011, In Home, by

B.W. AirPlay App

Bowers & Wilkins has just released their new free Zeppelin Air App that revolutionizes how music is experienced socially and wirelessly. The app brings iTunes music collections from multiple iOS devices together wirelessly so several iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone users can build a customized, collaborative community playlist streamed to any AirPlay-enabled music player like … Continue Reading

LG PenTouch TVs

August 29th, 2011, In Home, by

LG PenTouch TVs

Looking for the most futuristic TV in the market? The LG PenTouch TVs may just be it! The LG PenTouch is an innovative series of plasma HDTVs that takes TV interaction to a whole new level available now through specialty retailers across the United States (Canadian launch time has not been announced yet). When … Continue Reading

Linnenberg udc1 USB DAC

August 29th, 2011, In Home, by

Linnenberg udc1

Linnenberg is a Germany based audio product company, which has just released a new USB digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) component. The udc1 is designed to help consumers build an audiophile system using a computer based source for audio files. The udc1 is designed to communicate with a computer exclusively via USB and has been optimized specifically … Continue Reading

Procella Audio P610 & P10Si Speakers

August 26th, 2011, In Home, by

Procella LCR Speaker

Procella Audio will soon launch their new P610 biamplified full-range L/C/R speaker and the P10Si room-balancing subwoofer. The P610 is designed for medium to large rooms, which are up to 30 feet deep. The speaker has a shallow depth of 5.9 inches, which allows for ease of placement, such as within a wall niche. Height … Continue Reading

New Paradigm Cinema Speakers for 2011

August 25th, 2011, In Home, by

Paradigm Cinema_100CT

Paradigm has just announced new Cinema series speakers for those with smaller budgets who would like to enjoy high quality sound. Paradigm says that trickle-down technologies from the company’s Reference lines combined with best-in-class build materials make the new Cinema speakers a perfect entry point for aspiring audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. Reengineered and redesigned … Continue Reading

Runco’s New Q-650i LED Projector

August 25th, 2011, In Home, by

Runco 650i Projector

Runco has developed a new “lampless” LED projector, which reportedly uses only 70 percent of the power that traditional DLP projectors use. The new Runco QuantumColor Q-650i has a number of proprietary features, including SmartColor, ColorContrast, Q-lumens, and InstantOn. This new product has been developed to perform with screen sizes of 82 inches or less, … Continue Reading

Olasonic TW-S7 (USB) Speaker System

August 24th, 2011, In Home, by

Olasonic Speakers

Olasonic has just recently launched a new USB bus powered speaker system that aims to deliver high fidelity stereo sound over a direct digital connection to desktop, laptop or notebook computers. The TW-S7 USB Powered Speaker system was designed to satisfy those who would like a compact convenient personal computer audio system that delivers high … Continue Reading

Tablets: The Computing Devices of 2011 and Beyond

Tablets The Computing Devices of 2011 and Beyond.indd

Tablets are currently at the forefront of the consumer electronics landscape. With a large majority of users doing their computing through websites such as webmail and social networking and simple productivity applications such as word processing, the combination of portability, ease of use and declining price is making tablets the must-have gadget of 2011. For … Continue Reading

Paradigm Reference MilleniaOne 5.0 Speakers and MilleniaSub Subwoofer Review

August 24th, 2011, In Reviews, Speakers and Subwoofers, by


Let’s face it – most music lovers and movie buffs would like to own a set of full size speakers because they realize the benefits that large speaker enclosures bring to the performance table. If you’re anything like me, you’d be quick to place full size speakers in every room in your house. But reality … Continue Reading

Klipsch Image One Headphones Review – Built for the iPhone

Klipsch one-w-iphone

Klipsch Audio Technology, founded by Paul Klipsch in Arkansas in 1946, has long been famous for its horn-loaded loudspeakers. This reputation extends across the spectrum from HiFi to public address systems and more recently, computer audio. Now Klipsch has a line of headphones, and the Image One is their offering for the iPhone market. That … Continue Reading

Onkyo TX-NR5009 and TX-NR3009 Flagship AV Receivers

August 23rd, 2011, In Home, by


Onkyo has just expanded its 2011 line of AV receivers with the addition of two new high-end network 9.2-channel THX Ultra2 Plus-certified A/V receivers—the TX-NR5009 and the TX-NR3009. Both receiver models include major upgrades from last year, including the use of the latest HQV-Vida and Marvel Qdeo video processors, new DTS Neo:X dimensional surround processing, … Continue Reading

Parasound Zphono•USB Preamplifier

August 23rd, 2011, In Home, by

Parasound ZPhono USB

Parasound has just introduced a new phono preamplifier with an analogue-to-digital (A-D) converter. The new Parasound Zphono•USB can translate vinyl LPs into digital audio for MacIntosh or PC via USB. The Parasound Zphono•USB is a high-quality analog phono preamplifier engineered for the optimum in playback quality for vinyl LPs. The Zphono•USB uses high quality parts … Continue Reading

Sticky: Win a Ticket to the Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES)!

August 22nd, 2011, In Home, by

TAVES promo

The CANADA HiFi magazine is proud to announce that we’ll be giving away numerous tickets to the upcoming TAVES event, which will take place from September 30 to October 2 in Toronto. To qualify simply ‘Like’ the CANADA HiFi Facebook page and leave us a comment saying what excites you the most about TAVES! … Continue Reading

Luxman D-100R iPod Dock

August 22nd, 2011, In Home, by

Luxman iPod Doc

Luxman will soon ship their new iPod dock – the D-100R, which does things a little differently than the competition. Unlike other docking stations, which either tap the iPods analogue output (resulting in poor fidelity) or tap into and pass-through the iPod digital stream (higher fidelity), the D-100R incorporates an internal digital-audio-converter (DAC) that is … Continue Reading

Audio Research PH8 Phono Preamplifier

August 22nd, 2011, In Home, by


The new PH8 phono preamplifier fits neatly between the company’s flagship Reference Phono 2 and affordable PH6 models. The PH8 benefits from a number of circuit and parts improvements derived from the REF Phono 2. Rather than using the four 6922s of its predecessor, the PH8 uses two 6H30 tubes along with special low-noise FETs; … Continue Reading

Focal and Naim to Merge

August 19th, 2011, In Home, by

Focal & Naim

Focal and Naim, both very well know names in audio circles, have just announced plan to merge. Focal & Co will own and manage Focal and Naim as independent brands, which will allow each brand to retain its unique and established brand, philosophies and products. Focal & Co, owned by Jacques Mahul (Founder and Chairman), … Continue Reading

Optoma HD8300 and HD3300 3D Projectors

August 19th, 2011, In Home, by


Optoma has just introduced their new HD8300 and the HD3300, full 1080p 3D home theater projectors, which are based on DLP technology. It’s claimed that the DLP technology in Optoma projectors is similar to that used in today’s professional digital cinemas. The HD8300 is Optoma’s new top-of-the-line 3D projector and builds on the company’s award-winning … Continue Reading

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