Samsung Shows UN98S9 98-inch 8K TV at CES 2016


samsung 8k TV ces 2016 (Custom)

In addition to our previous news post about Samsung’s SUHD TV lineup for 2016, the company is also showcasing a brand new mammoth 8K LED TV – 98 inches in size – at CES 2016.  The UN98S9 has a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels and is equipped with an 8K “interface” to be able to receive 8K signals.

Highlights of this 8K TV include:

  • 98-inch curved LED LCD
  • 8K resolution (four times the resolution of 4K)
  • Quantum Dot-enhanced color
  • 4,200 radius curvature
  • 2016 smart TV features with Internet of Things

Pricing or release date have not yet been announced.


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