LG Reveals UH9800 98-inch 8K TV at CES 2016


LG Reveals UH9800 98-inch 8K TV at CES 2016 (Custom)

Not to be outdone in the 8K department, LG Electronics also revealed a giant 98-inch 8K TV at this year’s CES.  Unlike the 8K prototypes we’ve seen at CES before this is actually a production-ready model, expected to be available sometime in the second half of 2016 (price TDA).  But don’t hold your breath just yet, this 8K set is expected to be a Korea-only model for 2016 and will likely cost a small fortune (Sharp’s 8K TV shown last year at CES went on sale for a whopping $130,000 US last year).  Of course we don’t have any 8K content yet either… but we know where the future of displays is heading.

LG 8K Super UHD TV 98 inch JD2_376801-1024x820 (Custom)


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