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BG Radia has just recently announced their new FS-420 loudspeaker. This new speaker is a floor standing planar ribbon loudspeaker. In fact, the three planar ribbon drivers operate as dipoles with their radiating area completely open. The FS-240 was designed to reveal subtleties even in very complex music and soundtracks. BG Radia claims that the FS-420 provides an extremely high degree of resolution and transparency, while being free of mid-range congestion.

The FS-240 is hand crafted in the USA and backed by a BG Radia limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and manufacture, when purchased through an authorized BG Radia dealer.

The new FS-420 will be available in October 2011 in a palette of custom colors, for $2500 U.S. each.

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Sonic Boom, one of Canada’s largest independent retailers of CDs, vinyl, movies, video games and accessories, has moved to a new location in Toronto, just steps away from its original spot.  The company has also opened a second Kensington Market location which focuses exclusively on vinyl.

Sonic Boom has long been one of CANADA HiFi’s favourite places to pick up new and used CDs and records.  The original store offered one of the largest collections of albums on both CDs and vinyl anywhere in Canada.  In addition to this, Sonic Boom carried a great selection of new and used movies, video games, music related books, t-shirt and various accessories.

The new Sonic Boom store is located at 782 Bathurst St., just south of Bloor St. West in Toronto.  While still being set up, it is already open and offers the same great selection of products as the original location.  As before, the new location is open from 10am until midnight, 7 days a week!  416-532-0334

The second location of Sonic Boom opened on August 10th and focuses entirely on records.  It is located at 201 Augusta Avenue, in the heart of Kensington Market, in Toronto.  This location is open from 11am to 9pm, 7 days a week.  416-901-8854

We strongly recommend checking out both locations!

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Autonomic has announced that the Mirage Media Server MMS-2 has now been redesigned and is available in a more compact and svelte form, with a faster processor and both Toslink and HDMI outputs.

The MMS-2 targets consumers that are looking for multi-room distribution of media, while having global access to their audio collections via cloud synchronization services. The Mirage MMS-2 functionality has been increased, through the addition of Amazon Cloud integration to go along with MP3 Tunes and iCloud compatibility.

Autonomic is currently working with Savant and their App. Programming Interface (API) to incorporate an enhanced integration within Savant’s control and automation environment. Mirage Media Servers already offer control options for AMX, Control4, Crestron, RTI, URC, iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

The MMS-5 will become available in two versions — the MMS-5A (audio only) and the MMS-5AV (audio and video capability with a higher price). The Mirage Media Server MMS-5AV will be capable of iTunes video playback. All existing MMS5 will be field upgradable to adapt to this new functionality. The MMS-5A and MMS-5AV are expected to ship in Q4, 2011 including all new firmware updates.

The MMS-2 is currently available at an MSRP of: $1.995 U.S.

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Bowers & Wilkins has just released their new free Zeppelin Air App that revolutionizes how music is experienced socially and wirelessly. The app brings iTunes music collections from multiple iOS devices together wirelessly so several iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone users can build a customized, collaborative community playlist streamed to any AirPlay-enabled music player like the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air iPod speaker dock.

By downloading the free app from iTunes to your Apple device and having your friends do the same, you can begin streaming tunes to a playlist you manage on your device. You’ll have a chance to edit your playlist before you send tunes wirelessly via the app on your device to your music player.

The Zeppelin Air App is the first of its kind that enables users to share music and create collaborative playlists with friends, mobile device to mobile device, which is being labelled as a “wireless, virtual jukebox.”

A Mac or PC is not required to use the app; only a Wi-Fi network. If you already have AirPlay set up on your wireless network you can just download the app and give it a try. AirPlay requires iTunes 10.1 or later and iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.2 or later.

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Looking for the most futuristic TV in the market?  The LG PenTouch TVs may just be it!

The LG PenTouch is an innovative series of plasma HDTVs that takes TV interaction to a whole new level available now through specialty retailers across the United States (Canadian launch time has not been announced yet). When connected to a personal computer the LG PenTouch TV lets viewers use a special touch-sensitive stylus pen to interact with the Internet and to create, modify and control a variety of content directly on the screen.

Users can activate the PenTouch mode with a single click on the remote control. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. In PenTouch mode, users can access files created on their PCs, and work on them, edit them or move them around the screen using the stylus. The TV supports simultaneous two-pen use, and pen batteries can be recharged through USB ports on the TV or PC.

Using PenTouch software, which is provided with the TV, budding artists can draw pictures directly onto the screen and then save the files for further editing or effects manipulation. If the PC is connected to a printer, users can print their PenTouch creations, too. More complex software features include Gallery, which comes with a built-in slide show feature; Digital Photo Frame, which lets users embellish their work with the frame of their choice; and even a Family Calendar, where you can leave notes and to-do lists for your family members to see. The LG PenTouch TV can also interact with Internet content when connected to a PC.

The LG PenTouch TV uses a protective scratch-resistant glass screen, while auto sharpness control and color materialization technology enhance viewing. Complementing the unit’s stylish TruSlim Frame design, the LG PenTouch TV incorporates a stand that has been specially designed to provide more stability when owners or their children are using the PenTouch feature.

Three LG PenTouch models, two 60-inch (59.8 inches diagonal) class and one 50-inch class (49.9 inches diagonal) plasma HDTVs are available. The 60-inch class 60PZ850 is 3D capable, earning the coveted THX 3D and 2D Display Certification. It has a suggested retail price of $2,199 US. The 60-inch class 60PV490 and the 50-inch class 50PV490 both offer Full HD 1080p display capability and exclusive LG technologies, including Picture Wizard self-calibration, Intelligent Sensor automatic picture adjustment and Smart Energy Saving features. The 60PV490 and 50PV490 have suggested retail prices of $1,699 US and $1,099 US, respectively.

* Recommended PC system requirements to support the LG PenTouch TV include: Dual-core 2GHz or better CPU; 1GB or more of memory, 500MB or more HDD, graphics card with 1920×1080 (for PZ850 series) or 1024×768 (for PV490 series) connected via an RGB or HDMI output port. The Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) operating system is recommended due to its support of multi-touch applications. Other supported operating systems: 32 bit Windows XP and 23 and 64 bit Windows Vista. The Windows 7 Starter Edition is not supported.

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Linnenberg is a Germany based audio product company, which has just released a new USB digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) component.  The udc1 is designed to help consumers build an audiophile system using a computer based source for audio files.

The udc1 is designed to communicate with a computer exclusively via USB and has been optimized specifically for this purpose.  The udc1 features an asynchronous USB 2.0 high-speed (480Mbit/sec) interface, allowing samples rates up to 192 kHz/ 24bit.

The USB transceiver and I2S decoder circuitry is not powered by the USB bus. The udc1 does not take any power from the computer, freeing the USB-interconnect (USB cable) from the burden of delivering current and high speed, high frequency data at the same time. It also enables the use of laptops running from rechargeable batteries instead of the switch mode power supply, while achieving the same levels of performance.

A PCM1794A chip is used for the actual digital to analogue conversion and a Class A signal path employs high quality parts from ZETEX and Analog Devices. The enhanced output stage of the udc1 drives cables of any length as a result of the excellent wideband diamond buffer with 0.25A current capability. All voltage regulators are sourced exclusively from the leading specialist supplier (Linear Technology) with ultra low noise specifications (20uV).


Frequency response: 1Hz – 24kHz +0.1dB -0.5dB

Distortion and noise:<0.01% 10Hz – 20kHz at -10dB

Output level:4V rms balanced

Output impedance:150 Ohms

Mains voltage:115V, 230V factory set

Dimensions (H x W x D):55 x 165 x 224 mm

The udc1 is now available via direct order from Linneberg. MSRP is €1260; however, the udc1 is being offered at a lower introductory price of €890, until the end of the 2011.

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Procella Audio will soon launch their new P610 biamplified full-range L/C/R speaker and the P10Si room-balancing subwoofer.

The P610 is designed for medium to large rooms, which are up to 30 feet deep. The speaker has a shallow depth of 5.9 inches, which allows for ease of placement, such as within a wall niche. Height is 27.6 inches with a width of 21.3, giving it an overall compact size.

If theatre-level volumes are your desire, then you’ll be happy to know that the Procella P610 is claimed as having the ability to generate THX cinema reference-level playback levels of 105dB continuous in medium to large rooms. It has also been designed to produce bass frequencies down to 40Hz.

The P610 utilizes a 1-inch high-frequency compression driver mounted with an elliptical waveguide, together with a 6.5-inch midrange and 10-inch long-throw woofer. Both the midrange and high-frequency drivers are in separate, rotatable bracket-mounted cabinets.

Power handling is 350 watts continuous / 1,000 watts peak for low frequencies and 100-watts continuous / 300-watts peak for high frequencies.

The P610 is voice-matched to the company’s P8 and P6 speakers, which can be used for surround channels and the P610 has been optimized to be paired with Procella’s upcoming four-channel rack-mounted DSP amplifier.

Pricing for the Procella P610 is $3,199 U.S. / speaker and the P10Si sub is $1,495 U.S. Both the P610 and P10Si are expected to ship in September 2011.

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Paradigm has just announced new Cinema series speakers for those with smaller budgets who would like to enjoy high quality sound.  Paradigm says that trickle-down technologies from the company’s Reference lines combined with best-in-class build materials make the new Cinema speakers a perfect entry point for aspiring audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts.

Reengineered and redesigned from head to toe, Cinema is comprised of all new models including: Cinema 100 satellite (table-top stand and wall-mount bracket included), Cinema 200 on-wall, Cinema 400 on-wall, Cinema Trio 3-in-1 LCR, Cinema Sub and the Cinema 100 CT 5.1 system. A seemingly endless array of audio configurations can be arranged with the combination of satellite, on-wall and 3-in-1 speakers, depending on customer preference.

Starting with build materials, Paradigm infused Cinema speakers with Reference-quality crossovers, S-PAL satin-anodized pure-aluminum dome tweeters and wire-mesh tweeter guards with WaveGuide technology borrowed from the Reference Signature series, which encourage wide and spacious dispersion while protecting the sensitive dome surface. Mineral-filled polypropylene bass/midrange cones with added mineral content stiffen cone composition. Across the series, acoustic achievements include: lower frequency extension, flat response curves, further reduced distortion, sustained sensitivity and improved full dispersion.

Aesthetically, Cinema speakers include new curved and sculpted acoustic suspension cabinets with industrial high-gloss finish, offering a modern appeal. Push-through binding posts with new Easy-Glide wire channels allow for painless installation and banana plug access. For placement flexibility without sacrificing performance, Paradigm equipped new Cinema with the EasyMount wall-mounting system (and contemporary tabletop stand option – Cinema 100 only). Cinema speakers also feature removable self-aligning StayTight magnetic grilles (excluding Cinema 100) for fit-like-a-glove contact and perfect alignment.

While speakers get the most attention, the low-frequency contributions of the Cinema Sub are not to be ignored. With a dramatically increased dynamic range over the last Cinema Sub, this subwoofer features an 8” high-excursion driver made of polymer composite, capable of producing 300 watts Dynamic Peak and 100 watts RMS sustained. The Cinema Sub is included in the Cinema 100 CT system or available a la carte and allows for two different placement options: gloss side up or cloth side up depending on your aesthetic preference.

The Paradigm MC-30 high-performance floor stand (sold separately) adds another sturdy set-up option for the Cinema 100 with its extruded aluminum post, polymer base and cast iron ballast. A customized bracket head and hidden cable channel ensure this stand will never attract more attention than the speaker it supports.

Cinema 100: 2-driver, 2-way – 1” tweeter, 4” bass/mid driver.
Cinema 100 2.0 EST US MSRP: $299
Cinema 100 3.0 EST US MSRP: $449
Cinema 200: 3-driver, 2-way – 1” tweeter, two 4” bass/mid drivers.
EST. US MSRP: $249
Cinema 400: 5-driver, 2 ½ way – 1” tweeter, one 4” bass/mid driver, one 4” bass driver.
EST. US MSRP: $399
Cinema Trio: 7-driver, 3-channel, 2-way – three 1” tweeters, four 4” bass/mid drivers.
EST. US MSRP: $549
Cinema Sub: 8” high-excursion driver, 300 watts Dynamic Peak, 100 watt RMS sustained.
EST. US MSRP: $349
Cinema 100 CT: Five Cinema 100 satellite speakers and one Cinema Sub.
EST. US MSRP: $999

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Runco has developed a new “lampless” LED projector, which reportedly uses only 70 percent of the power that traditional DLP projectors use.

The new Runco QuantumColor Q-650i has a number of proprietary features, including SmartColor, ColorContrast, Q-lumens, and InstantOn.

This new product has been developed to perform with screen sizes of 82 inches or less, though Runco has other projectors which can handle much larger screen sizes.

Runco’s Q-650i pairs energy-saving LED technology with Runco performance engineering. The Runco QuantumColor Q-650i home theater projector includes Runco’s InfiniLight lampless LED illumination technology to provide an infinite light source that creates an energy-efficient projector with a claim of having the widest color gamut ever available in home theater projection. Runco utilizes its Personal Color Equalizer, which allows color adjustment that includes those exactly defined by the cinematographer and the color preferences of each individual viewer for each source. Proprietary Runco Smart Color (RSC) provides a hue compensation curve and gamut mapping that allows for lifelike, accurate flesh tones while increasing color saturation, without sacrificing the purity of other colors.

The Q-650i ships to Runco dealers in late August 2011 with an MSRP of: $9,999 U.S.

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Olasonic has just recently launched a new USB bus powered speaker system that aims to deliver high fidelity stereo sound over a direct digital connection to desktop, laptop or notebook computers.

The TW-S7 USB Powered Speaker system was designed to satisfy those who would like a compact convenient personal computer audio system that delivers high quality sonic performance.

The TW-S7 Speaker System receives a direct digital audio signal over the USB interface, boosts the power using newly developed Super Charged Drive System digital amplifier technology and employs a coaxial massive 60mm ferrite magnet driver, passive radiator and high-frequency diffuser to deliver high-fidelity 10W+10W dynamic output while consuming only 2.5W of USB power.

A unique elliptical / egg-shaped design is utilized to be aesthetically pleasing, which functional. The shape maximizes strength and rigidity of the speaker enclosures, which virtually eliminating standing waves, reducing distortion. The transformerless design reduces weight and power consumption by eliminating the need for a power supply and electrical outlet. The high-gloss, non-laminated finish eliminates the need for paint / resin.


Color: Brilliant White or Noble Black

Peak Output: 10W+10W?Dynamic Power?

Frequency Response: 60Hz – 20,000Hz

Speaker: 60mm full-range cone with central audio diffuser

Speaker Magnet: 55mm high-efficiency ferrite magnet

Passive Receiver: 60mm expanded urethane

Rated Power Consumption: 2.5W

Power Supply: USB bus powered

Audio Input: USB digital audio

Connection Environment: Mac OS 9; OSX 10.1 or later; WindowsXP; Vista 7

Dimensions: 108mm x 108mm x 141mm

Weight: 950g

Warranty 1 year free replacement

Accessories 2 silicone insulator stands

Cable Length Speaker to USB port: 90cm

Between right and left speakers? 90cm

The Olasonic TQ-S7 is currently available at an MSRP of: $129.99 U.S. More information to be found at: